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Specialty Rigging was presented with the complex task of rigging, standing up, and installing a 100,000lb Komatsu H2W300 stamping press for an upfit body manufacturer.

Because we take proper preparation, have the specialized rigging equipment needed, and employ a team of highly skilled individuals, Specialty Rigging successfully and safely “got the job done right”.

Over the course of three days, our team worked together professionally and seamlessly to unload, reload, deliver and install a stamping press that weighed almost 100,000lbs, and once installed, towers in the factory at over 17’ tall.  As always, our team took the time to plan ahead and strategize every step of the move to minimize risk and ensure that they were fully equipped with the best rigging equipment and prepared to safely handle the install and any issues or challenges that may arise in the field.

Due to the weight and overall dimensions, the press was shipped laying on it’s “face” and required being hauled from the Virginia shipping piers on a 10-axle double drop tractor-trailer.  The low ground clearance of the trailer would prevent the machine from being able to be delivered directly to our customer due to the facility property logistics.   It was decided that the stamping press had to be delivered to our facility first so that we could prepare it for final delivery and load it onto a different type of trailer.  Once at our location, we unloaded the crated machine with a 250-ton hydraulic crane and set it on the ground.  The metal framework and crate that protected the machine during overseas shipment were cut and removed from the machine which reduced the overall shipping height and allowed it to now be transported on a trailer with higher ground clearance.

Using The Best Rigging Equipment

Our team then worked together using three separate pieces of rigging equipment in unison to load the press onto a heavy-duty custom built trailer.  The machine was picked up with two 40/60 VersaLifts with riggers boom attachments and one 50ton TriLifter and the trailer was backed under the machine.  Once loaded and secured to the trailer, the machine was finally hauled to its new home.

On location at our customers, our team again used our two VersaLift 40/60s and the TriLifter to unload the machine and place it on a set of machinery dollies.  The two VersaLifts worked in tandem to skate the press into the building and approximately 100’ across the factory floor. Again working completely synchronized and with the true meaning of “team”, our crew meticulously lifted up the press, removed the steel “cradle” that the machine was nestled in, and inch by inch ever so carefully lifted the giant press into its vertical position.  Once vertical, the press still needed to be set on dollies once again and tediously skated a few more feet into its final resting spot.

About Specialty Rigging

Specialty Rigging specializes in industrial machinery moving, rigging, and millwrighting.  We also provide steel fabrication, machine skidding and wrapping, and mill maintenance work. With over 20 years of experience, we are capable of handling your rigging project and are 100% committed to “Doing the job right!”.

To learn more about Specialty Rigging and the services and the services we offer, please check out our website.  If you would like to contact us for a quote or to schedule a job, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at (610) 406-5188. We look forward to hearing from you!

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